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Financial Services

Here at 1000 Islands RV Centre, we offer full Financial Services to help you purchase the RV of your dreams.   Lennea and Claudia will provide you with access to major banks which provide us with aggressive interest rates and long amortization periods thus allowing us to tailor your purchase to suit your budget.

Benefits of Financing your RV with us!

RV Loan vs Line of Credit
It is the cost of borrowing not the “Initial” Interest Rate that’s important.

RV Loan

  • Enjoy peace of mind with a fixed interest rate
  • Keep your line of credit available for unexpected needs.
  • Plan your budget around regular payments
  • Flexible – your loan is open for prepayment at any time, without penalty.
  • Know exactly what you owe.
  • Tighter control on your cost of borrowing.
  • Lower Risk – Your RV is the only security used on the loan, not your home!

Line of Credit

  • Lower “Initial” interest rate.
  • Minimum Payments.
  • Can result in higher total interest cost.
  • Demand, Second Mortgage, Revolving Credit.
  • Can be called at any time.
  • Bank has authority to attach any of your assets to accounts it holds.
Our Mission

1000 Islands RV Centre  will help you through every stage of your ownership from matching you with the most competitive lenders, to coordinating your pickup and orientation, to helping you protect your estate and your new investment,  for, most of all, a truly worry-free experience.

Our Commitments to you

  • Coordinate a quick and convenient pickup & delivery date
  • Schedule a professional orientation for your new unit
  • Explain all paperwork and answer any questions you may have
  • Help you select the best protection plan for you and your investment
  • Be available to help you in any way we can throughout your ownership
  • Serve your best interests and as a result, strive to earn your business for life

My wife and I have a monthly figure in mind, how can you help?

All the major banks have finance plans designed specifically for the RV community. Let me take you through the options and help you find the plan that meets your individual needs with special RV rates & terms.

You have many in-stock models that would be perfect for our first motorhome, but we are concerned about buying a used one.

Our owners are careful to select well-priced and well-maintained motorhomes for our used inventory. Special protection plans designed with the RV community in mind can help you get the used motorhome you want, at the price you demand, all with robust warranty that rivals that of a brand new model. Let us show you what we recommend.

Privacy Statement
1000 Islands RV Centre is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding the personal information we collect. We do not collect personal information about you without your consent.

1000 Islands RV Centre may use the personal and financial information you supply to communicate with you, process credit applications, and to provide the products and services you request.

Storage of Information
Personal information that has been collected is stored securely and is accessible only by the Financial Services office as necessary to serve you.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or about your personal information, you may contact our Privacy Office, Lennea Blythe, at lblythe@1000islandsrv.com . Phone 613-382-4400 x 208.


Lennea has over 10 years experience in the lending and automotive industry and has been here at 1000 Islands RV Centre for 3 years.

Lennea enjoys helping each customer obtain the RV of their dreams.


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