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nüCamp RV manufactures the highest quality RV’s and truck campers available in North America. Our dedicated craftmen and women who work at the nüCamp RV fabrication facility in Sugarcreek, Ohio are committed to the principles of innovative design, high-quality fabrication, and fanatical customer support.  We treat our customers as family, and they repay the favor by spreading the news about how wonderful our products are.  We’re not perfect, of course, so we make it right whenever we fall short–which, as you will discover, is not very often.

What We Carry

T@B Teardrop Trailers

Whether you are a full-time camper or a weekend camping enthusiast, you’ll find that the T@B Teardrop Camper has something to offer you.  T@B customers are as unique as the teardrop campers they own, and nüCamp RV loves to share their stories with others to spread the word about the T@B Teardrop Camper experience.  So send in your T@B photos.  Join the T@B forum.  Connect with other T@B enthusiasts. Owning a T@B is about more than owning a camper: it’s a ticket to a community of great people who own a fantastic product and share their experiences with others as they venture into the great outdoors.

T@G Teardrop Trailers

nüCamp RV believes that every customer should be treated in the way that we would all like to be treated.  The dedicated craftsmen and women at nüCamp RV expect to receive high quality products for their hard-earned money, and that is precisely what we strive to give each and every customer.  No shortcuts, and no half-measures.  That’s why nüCamp RV offers an open invitation to anyone–including competitors–to visit its factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio.  There’s no secret to building a world class product like the T@G Teardrop Trailer.  But doing it day-in and day-out–well, that requires some serious dedication!

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